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Momee nominations

Nominated for Best Veterinarian
and Best Veterinary Hospital
Several Years in a Row


Rescue catWhen looking for a new pet, we strongly encourage you to consider adopting an animal from local shelters. Rescue animals are wonderful, appreciative additions to any family!

The following links are to local rescue organizations. Please feel free to call us with any questions.

Rescue dog"Dr. Brown and staff go way above and beyond with the rescue dogs we bring him to treat. They have stayed late for emergencies and squeezed in last minute dogs straight off death row. But what we love most is their compassion and love for animals."
- Melissa, client/Post Consumer Pets Rescue

SAH Gives Back

Rabies and Adoption Clinic
Our low-cost rabies and adoption clinic that we hosted jointly with Post Consumer Pets Rescue.
Annual Holiday Pet Food Drive
Our first Annual Holiday Pet Food Drive. We collected over 250lb of food that was donated to Island Harvest for LI cats and dogs in need.
Fundraiser for shelter pets
We collected food and donated a spay/neuter to Pet Peeves’ fundraiser for LI shelter pets “Unleashed at the Beach.”